490 | To Sir Henry Moore

    Boston, Augst 9, 1766.


    I am obliged again by the desire of the Council, to trouble you with Copies of more papers laid before us by the Inhabitants of Noble Town, & also by the Selectmen of Egremont a Town in our Province. I accompany them with the minutes of Council; from which you will perceive, that they are not without apprehension that these unhappy disturbances may pass the line into our Province. It is my Earnest desire that this may be prevented; & I am assured that it will be most agreable to you to prevent this flame Spreading by all means in your power.

    It has been the Rule of this Governmt ever since I have commanded in it, & for some time before, to avoid, as much as possible, making any encroachments on the Government of New York. For this Purpose, our People have been constantly directed to give ^keep^ themselves within a Line, which the Lords of Trade, about nine or ten Years ago, reported for a boundary between the two Provinces. This Line, as I understand, was to run from the North West Corner of the Oblong to a point in the North boundary of the Massachusetts, at 20 miles distance from the River Hudson. And tho’ this Line has never been Confirmed by His Majesty in Council, yet surely the Report of the Lords of Trade, is of Authority enough to make it a very proper temporary Line for the two Provinces to acquiesce in, untill his Majesty shall make further & more conclusive orders concerning the same.1

    It is on the East Side of this Line that we understand a House has been destroyed, & that others are threatned with the like Ruin. This, Sr, we hope you will immediately prevent: It must be grievous to you to see the desolation of any part of yr Province, however necessary or justifiable, of which we pretend not to judge, as we hear but one Side; but it must give great Concern, to see it spread into Lands, of which this Government is now (as it ever has been,) in possession, according to the Opinion of the Lords of Trade, which has not as yet, that we know of, been ever contradicted.

    I am. &c.

    Sr Hy Moore, Bart.

    AL, LbC      BP, 5: 187-188.