482 | To Sir Henry Moore

    Boston, July 12, 1766.


    I have just now recd your Letter of the 3d inst,1 & at the same time was preparing to write to you on the same Subject. Last wednesday a Man brot me a petition signed by some of the chiefs of the Stockbridge Indians, who are Subjects of this Province.2 I ordered him to attend in Council the next morning: when he appeared there, he was examined concerning the Subject matter of the Petition, & by the Advice of the Council his deposition was taken in writing. As it appeared therein that the Transaction referred to was in your Province, & is become an Affair of some delicacy, I shall take no other part therein than to transmit Copies of the Petition, the deposition, & the minutes of the Council according to their desire. As I understand that the dispute concerning these Lands is allready carried to England, I shall find it necessary to transmit the like Copies to the Lords of Trade.3 The Person who brought the Petition returned immediately: and It is not probable that He or any of his Party will come here again; as by these Transmissions I have done evrything they can expect from me.

    I am, with great Truth & Regard, Sr, &C

    Sr H. Moore, Bart.

    P.S. I shall communicate yr Letter & proclamation to the Council, & take their Advice thereupon.4

    AL, LbC      BP, 5: 185-186.