457 | To Lord Barrington

    Boston, Mar 27. 1766.

    My Lord,

    I am favoured with your Lordships letter of Decr 16;1 for which I beg leave to return my Thanks. My situation here has been very disagreable, not to say dangerous, for above this half Year: & I wonder to find myself here at this time. Altho’ I have allways preserved the firmness of my mind, yet It has occasioned some distraction in my Councils; as I have foreseen & still do foresee infinite difficulties in bringing North America, & especially this Government, into good order again. In this Province, the late Fermentation has stirred up all the ill humours; which had been before kept under, & set them above all Government & order.

    This has been the occasion of my troubling your Lordship with a tedious Letter on the Subject of North America; which I should have had much occasion reason to have apologised for, If the Importance of the Subject & your Lordships public Station should not excuse it. It has now obliged me to write a long Letter to the Secretary of State,2 to show the Necessity of myself or the Lt Govr being ordered home to make a report of the present State of this Province. I have accompanied this with a Letter to Mr Pownall,3 who gives me frequent use proofs of his friendship, to desire that He would consult my friends about the advisableness of my coming home, concerning which there are in my mind many doubts & difficulties, tho’ upon the whole I think it best for me to go home. Upon this occasion I cannot excuse myself informing your Lordship of this Business in the first instance, which I shall do by inclosing Copies of the forementioned Letters. The Lt Govr is acquainted with these Letters, & is quite indifferant about the Decision; as I shall also be with the determination of my friends, if your Lordship will be so good as to consider yourself, as I must ever do, the chief of them. Whatever your Lordship shall think most proper, I suppose, must be easily affected.

    Since I have begun this Letter Mr Pemberton has been with me & showed a Letter he has wrote to your Lordship & another to the Duke of Newcastle4 concerning his Office & our Agreement. I should have been glad to have saved your Lordship ^this trouble^ at a time when I am giving your Lordship much more upon another Subject. But Mr Pemberton has acted so honorably with me, that I know not how to restrain him in taking such precautions as he shall think necessary to his own Security. Besides these Letters will give Your Lordship little more trouble than the reading, unless your Lordship shall think proper to make use of them with the Duke of Newcastle.

    I am, &c.

    The Rt Honble The Ld Vt. Barrington.

    AL, LbC      BP, 5: 96-97.