860 | To Thomas Hutchinson

    No 41.

    Hampstead, Octr 4. 1770.

    Dear Sir,

    I am obliged to trouble you about an Affair which, tho a trifling Matter in itself, is as I understand to be made a Subject of Abuse of me and as I am told is intended for the London Papers.1 I therefore desire that you will interfere so far as to fix the Truth of the Case.

    When I entered upon the Government I subscribed for the building of the Church at Cambridge 10 Guineas being as I then understood full as much I was expected to give. I afterwards attended the Dedication of the Church & put a Guinea in the Plate which I also understood was well accepted at that time. At the same time I had by me a silver Ewer & Chalice, which I intended to keep by me as occasional Plate for the Communion in Case I should be placed any where where it might be wanted. This Plate I offered to lend to the Church for a time to save them the immediate Expence of buying; & I never had an Intention at the time I sent the Plate or at any since to give it to the Church: if I had had such Intention, I should not have given the ten Guineas. For as that Sum was enough for me to give, the plate which cost above 20 Guineas would have been more than enough without the Money. I mention this to clear up my own Intention.

    When I left the Country I directed my Agent to call upon the Church for the Plate. At first he was told that it was a Gift to the Church; but that being denied, & Col Phips giving his testimony that it was a Loan only, It has been intimated to my Agent that if he demanded the Plate it will occasion a Publication against me in the London Papers and an Action will be brought against me for the Use of the ^a^ Pew in the Church. The Foundation for such an Action is this. In the Spring 1768 I was desirous of attending Cambridge Church in the Summer, my own Church being ^tho^ nearer to me by a mile being inconvenient from its standing in the midst of Boston.2 The Governor’s Pew in Cambridge Church having been demolished, Col Oliver shewed me a Pew in the Side Isle which was at Liberty & he said it might be fitted up for me if I pleased. I declined the fitting it up, as my use of it was very uncertain, I then expecting to have Leave to come home, which I really did receive soon after. I sat in that Pew six or eight or possibly more times that Summer: Lady Bernard was there one or two times but not liking the Pew and finding the Church too airy for her Health declined coming again: & I beleive I never was in the Church in the Year 1769. So that what they please to charge for my Use of this Pew will be paid. I may be mistaken in the time of assigning this Pew to me: it might be at the End of the Summer 1767. But I beleive that all the Use I had of the Pew might be brought within one year.

    This being the State of the Case, I desire that you will speak with Col Oliver Col Phips & Mr Lee,3 the last of which has inadvertently given Occasion for this Dispute. If they suffer this to be made a Subject of Abuse of me, the Reproach will ultimately fall on the Church, for the Members of which in general I have allways profest a Regard; & am sorry to see them so misled in this Business.

    I am &c.

    The Honble Govr Hutchinson

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 122–124.