905 | From Thomas Hutchinson

    [For]1 Hunter to Liverpool

    Boston, 3d. Septr. 1772

    Dear Sir

    This Vessel tarrying longer than I expected I can now inclose a state of Mr. Bernards Affairs as he has drawn it up. He suddenly made over £700 as he estimates it more than Mr. Lane’s debt. His still house is part for which he tells me he has refused 1000 Sterlg. He must therefore as soon as possible turn it into money which will enable him to obtain a discharge from Mr. Lechmere and apply the overplus to his other debts. I am most concerned about his debt to Smith & Atkinson. It becomes due in October. I have therefore advised him to tell them plainly that he shall not be able to raise the money at the time and unless they will give him further time he will not expose himself to their arrest but he will make over sufficient of his effects for their security. He has promised to confer with Mr. Atkinson immediately and if he does not succeed I will endeavour to see Mr. Atkinson myself.2 He has promised also to see me every day or two and I will give him the best advice I can. The debt due to Elam3 Mr. Taylor is bound for jointly with Mr. Bernard so that there is no danger of a sudden demand for that. He does not know that I have inclosed the state to you but it is best you should be acquainted with it. I am &c.

    L, LbC      Mass. Archs., 27: 386–387.