893 | From Thomas Hutchinson

    Boston, 3 Jan. 1772


    Dear Sir

    We have entred upon a new year which I wish may be to your & yours a prosperous one & are still without advices from England. The Novr Mail might well be arrived but we have not yet had that for October.

    Mr John is gone to Penobscot in order to dispatch to England a Brigantine lade with Lumber which he was to take from Goldthwait on account of a debt owing from him.2 I have just recd an account that the Vessel took fire by accident when she had her sails bent ready to sail & burnt down to the floor & nothing of any great value saved. I have heard that Mr Goldthwait had wrote for £500 sterl Insurance. He valued her double that sum & may possibly have wrote for more. If she be insured near what she cost it may be a lucky accident for I think they would have lost one half when the account had been made up in England. The ship at Piscataqua I am informed cannot be Ready untill the Spring or Summer which no doubt will retard his proposed Voyge to England.

    I designed to have finished here but while I am writing the master of the Brig comes in with a letter from Goldthwait desiring me give you a particular Acct of this unhappy Affair which turns out worse than I expected.3 He says being pressd for payment by Mr Bernard he agreed this Vessel & Cargo should go to England on his Risk & the N[e]t Proceeds4 be applied to discharge his debt but notwithstanding it was to be on Goldthwaits Risk the Register should be in Bernards name & the master take his orders from him. Mr Bernard would not trust the Register nor Orders by Mr Goldthwait but promisd to send them by a man who was to be at Penobscot as soon as he was. Mr Goldthwait says he waited 3 weeks & that the Vessel would have been gone to sea if it had not been for the delay, that Mr Bernard was to have wrote for 600 Guin[ea]s Insur[anc]e wch he hopes is done & that he intended by the Vessel now come from Penobscot to have wrote to Boston for further Insurance to cover the whole Interest. I find that if any Insure was made in England it has been revoked by a Letter from Mr Bernard & I think it probable that it will prove what the Merchants call a dead loss & I doubt whether it is not more than Mr Goldthwait can bear.

    It gives me pain to write so unwelcome a letter to you but you must know what has hapned by some means or other & its best you should know it just as it is[.]5 When Mr Bernard returns I will endeavor to obtain from him the true state of his affairs & I will give him the same council as I would do to my own son & write you further upon the subject[.] I wish he would intirely close & quit his mercantile affairs & apply himself to the business of his posts & no other.

    I am Dr Sr Yr faithul humble serv

    AL, LbC      Mass. Archs., 27: 272–273.