915 | A List of Gentlemen Proposed for the Massachusetts Council

    [post c. 6 Nov. 1773–early 1774]

    A List of Gentlemen proposed for the Council of Massachusets Bay.

    Peter Oliver. Cheif Justice. formerly of the Council.1

    √ Samuel Danforth. of the present Council.2

    [√] Isaac Royal. p. c.3

    √ John Erving. p. c.4


    √ Harrison Gray. f. c.5

    √ James Russel. p. c.6

    William Brattle. p. c.7

    √ Thomas Flucker. Secretary. f. c.8

    Jeremiah Powell. p. c.9


    √ Israel Williams. p. c.10

    √ Timothy Paine. f. c.11

    John Chandler. f. c.12

    Nathaniel Ropes. Judge of the Supr Court. f. c.13

    √ John Worthington f. c.14


    Edmund Trowbridge. f. c. Judge of supr Court.15

    √ Timothy Woodbridge. p. c.16

    George Leonard. p. c.17

    √ Timothy Ruggles. heretofore Speaker of the Assembly.18

    Forster Hutchinson. Judge of supr: Court.19


    William Cushing. Judge of the supr: Court.20

    √ Isaac Winslow. of Roxbury.21

    Richard Clarke. of Boston.22

    √ Joseph Green. of Boston.23

    √ William Vassal. of Boston.24


    √ James Boutineau. of Boston.25

    √ Jonathan Simpson. of Boston.26

    √ Thomas Hutchinson. junr. of Boston.27

    √ Joseph Lee. of Cambridge[.]28

    √ Thomas Oliver. of Cambridge.29


    √ Andrew Oliver. of Salem.30

    √ William Brown. of Salem.31

    √ John Murray. of Rutland.32

    √ George Watson. of Plymouth.33

    √ Abijah Willard. of Lancaster.34

    √ Josiah Edson. of Bridgewater.35


    √ Nathaniel Ray Thomas. of Marshfield.36

    Ms, RC      Dartmouth Papers, American Papers: D(W)1778/II/314.