831 | To Thomas Hutchinson

    Confidential & partly Secret

    Pall mall Feb 20 1770

    No 19

    Dr Sr,

    I have just received your Letter No 1 & the duplicate of No 2 the originl of which last I received some days ago.1 I have wrote you word before of the occasion of ordering a prorogation; it was intended that if the Ministry should advise any orders to be communicated to the Assembly there might be time enough for it; as no such orders have been issued. You are left to call it at the time prorogued to. There cannot any great Inconvenience happen from the prorogation;2 as there will be time enough to do all the business before there will be occasion to issue new writts. I heartily wish you may think fit to obey the order for carrying the Assembly to Cambridge; as I am fully persuaded it will have Very good effects. Tho My Lord Hillsborough ^thought^ that the Intrest you have in the Event intitled you to a discretionary Power in this Business;3 yet you may vouch his Letter as an Order if you should approve of the Expediency.4 The Alteration which has been made in the Ministry, & the great Altercations which have happened in Parliament, have greatly contributed to postpone the American Business; however it will now soon be brought on. The Ministry I beleive is desirous to repeal the three Articles; but some of their best Freinds oppose it; the Repeal of the whole Act seems not to be thought of by any one. There will be something done, to prevent Combinations against the Trade of Great Britain for the future; but I beleive this Mode is not yet settled. It is also said that some Measures will be taken to discourage the American Manufactures; but what they will be is I beleive not yet determined. In short there seems to be no Intention to give Way to America; but probably Assurances will be given, of showing them all possible Favour, when they shall return to their Duty; but no Bargain will be made with them for Indulgences.

    The new Minister5 seems like to stand his Ground: On Tuesday Night last they met to receive the Report of the Resolution which I mentioned in my last6 to be carried by 75 Majority; but instead of going upon that Business they got into a Quarrel with the Speaker who, it is said, was ill treated by some of the most violent of the Opposition; however it was quieted without a Division by some of the most prudent Men of the same Side. The Report was put off till Yesterday, when I beleive the House sat late; but have not as yet heard what was the Result. The Supplies have gone on without Interruption, but what is called the Budget has not been opened.7

    I am obliged to dictate this Letter by my Secretary8 whilst I am dressing, otherwise I could not have wrote to you by this Ship. Mr De Berdt has delivered in a Petition, praying seven Months Time to produce Proofs; but he has received a peremptory Summons, to attend the hearing of the Complaint, the last day of this Month, &, it is generally beleived, he will be allowed no longer Time.9 Let Mr Oliver know I have just now received his Letter dated Jan. 10.10 The Anecdote inclosed in it, has allready been thoroughly canvassed: I beleive some Use will be made of it. Excuse me to such of my Friends as have Letters due from me.

    I am &c.

    Lt Govr Hutchinson

    P.S. I have just heard the Majority’s Numbers last night. on the 1st. Division 69 Majority. 2nd. 7811

    AL, LbC      BP, 8: 65–67.