841 | To Thomas Hutchinson

    Pall Mall, Apr. 9th. 1770

    No 26.

    Dear Sir

    I wrote to you a few days ago,1 in which I gave you unnecessary trouble about the Payment of your Fees. Since that, I have learned that Mr Palmer has Orders from you to pay all Demands upon your Account and shall refer Mr Pownall to him. Last Week Lord H signified to the Board of Trade that it was His Majesty’s Pleasure that they should prepare a Commission and Instructions for you:2 this Business is going on but moves slowly. I should have been glad to have got your Commission forwarded so as to have transmitted to you that it might have come to your hands before the last of May. But that is impossible; and the most that can be expected will be that it may arrive before the Assembly rises.

    Mr Oliver will at the same time be appointed Lieut Governor with an Allowance of two hundred pounds a year according to the proposal which I informed you I had made to him some time ago.3 I was asked to day by Lord H whether I had any Authority from Mr O to accept this Appointment on his Behalf. I answered that I had not and had had no time to hear from him since ^I had acquainted him with^ the Proposal: but as his friend, endeavouring to do the best for him & weighing all Circumstances I was fully persuaded that it would be very acceptable to him. And as it would be material to make both these Appointments at once I would recommend that it should be done so without waiting for his Acceptance.

    Mr Rogers will be at the same time appointed Secretary. I take no great Merit to myself upon this Occasion; as Mr Rogers began this Sollicitation himself & proceeded in it cheifly upon his personal Interest. Lord H asked me to day if I thought that he would make a good Secretary: I answered that he could not make a bad one; as his Connexion with you would assure him of your Assistance till he made himself Master of his Business. I perceive a Desire of making all these Appointments at once that the Intention of Administration to support the Friends of Government among your People may be forcibly impressed.4

    There is a great Difficulty conceived in filling up your Seat in the Superior Court: I beleive you will receive Orders to stop your Hand in that Business till a proper Person can be fixed upon with Deliberation. This seems to promise ^that^ a supplemental Support will be thought of: without that, they cannot expect to pick & chuse out of Men of the first rate Abilities in the Profession. I expect soon to have more talk upon this Subject; which is very interesting & difficult; and I shall give you my Sentiments upon it when I know how to form them.

    The late Proceedings of the People of Rhode Island against the Custom house Officers in Regard to Fees & the Declarations of your Merchants they will pursue the same Purposes will produce an Act to quiet the Officers in the Custom house & Naval Office in Possession of such Fees as were usually received in their Offices on Sep 29th. 1764 any Act of Assembly to contrary notwithstanding. The Bill is very short & seems to be free from Exception, & I beleive will not meet with any Difficulty. The Act of Assembly of Rhode Island upon this Occasion is highly condemned & resented.5

    You will judge for yourself of the Secrecy expedient to these several Articles: that of Mr O’s Allowance should be kept private while it can; at present I beleive it is not perfected.

    I am Dear Sir. &c.

    The Honble Govr Hutchinson

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 84–86.