899 | From Lord Barrington

    Cavendish Square March 10. 1772.

    Dear Sir,

    Tho’ I frequently meet Lord North I had no good opportunity of speaking to him about you till this day. He will replace you in the Pension when a proper person is found to succeed you in the Irish Employment, but for the present your name must continue in the Commission, & you will be paid as a Commissioner. He says you need not however give your self the least concern about Ireland: No Man can be more inclined to serve and oblige another than Lord North is with respect to you.

    I shall keep an Ensigncy in a good Regt for my Cousin and namesake who may go with you to France if you desire it.1 Dijon is a pretty Town in a fine Country, but I do not believe the Air ^(tho’ good)^ is any thing extraordinary in Burgundy I hope wherever you are that your health will perfectly return, & that you will enjoy every comfort of Life. I am ever Dr Sir

    Your most faithful humble Servt


    ALS, RC      BP, 12: 247–250.