864 | To Thomas Hutchinson

    No 45

    Hampstead Octr. 9th. 1770

    Dear Sir,

    I this morning received from Mr Pownall your Letters No 33 & 341 with the inclosed, & opening them in his Room he had immediately a Communication of them. I at the same time gave to Mr Hallowell a Packet of Letters for you which I had made up that morning.2

    I heartily wish that the Gentlemen of your Town may be releived from the Tyranny of the Faction which governs them as soon as possible: But I see no Prospect of it till after Parlt meets; & not even then, if they will not exert themselves: quis invitum servare laboret:3 to what Purpose will the Carter call upon Hercules to get his Cart out of the slough, if he will not put his Shoulders to the Wheels himself? The Parliament can do no more than remove the Obstructions which have prevented the Activity of Government & Magistracy. But if, after all, the principal Gentlemen with all their Connections & dependencies don’t dare to take upon them the Conduct of the Magistracy & with the Laws of their Side & the King to support them, will stand in awe of a Mob, they must be content to be the Slaves of the Leaders of the Mob & deserve to be so. Did ever any People who deserved to be free, submit to the Despotism of such Fellows as Adams Cooper Molineux & Young? Let never Freedom be mentioned in a Place where such Men govern.4 I doubt much whether there is any Intention in the next Session to meddle with any of the New England Govts except yours; or to do any more in that than what is necessary to render Govt active & effective. The Charter is undoubtedly forfeited: but it is another Question whether Advantage will be taken of the Forfeiture. For my Part I am not for vacating the Charter but for reforming it; & not to ground such Reformation upon a Suggestion of a Forfeiture, but upon the supreme Authority of Parliamt, [^&^?] which never was and never can be bound by a Charter in a Matter of so great Importance as the Govt of the British Dominions. I think that for the Parliament to take Advantage of a Forfeiture would be a great Degradation of its Authority. And in Case there is no Occasion for it: for the Charter in general is not exceptional, but only a very small Part of it. And if the Parliament should correct this, they would remind the People, that if they should abuse their Charter in other Instances it will remain with Parlt to correct such Abuses; & so toties quoties.5 This is my Idea of what ought to be done in Parlt with your Province; but whether it will be so or how otherwise I know not.

    It signifies nothing to write about Preston: the die is cast before now. I had not time to condole with you upon Rogers Death.6 It is a common Consolation that the deceast would have died some time or other; but to you I may say, he was dead allready: for I think before I left Boston his Faculties were gone. And yet I kept it to myself, & never objected to his Appointment at Boston excepting once mentioning an Appointment in L H’s power, which would have been greatly more for his Ease & Advantage than what was intended for him. At present my great Desire is that the three Appointments may appear in the Gazzette together,7 that by their Combination they may have a greater Effect. I have had very little Opportunity to talk fully with L H upon these Subjects; but I shall see him tomorrow morning & shall dine with him at a Turtle Feast, where I shall have the Honor to set down with the first Ministers of State.8

    I am Sir &c.

    The Honble Govr Hutchinson

    P.S. Octr. 11.

    This day Lord H told me that yesterday he proposed Mr Oliver to the King to be Lieut Govr with a Salary of 300 a year, having previously obtained Lord North’s Approbation of it. Tomorrow he intends to name Mr Flucker to the King as Secretary: and these Promotions with yours will be in the Gazette together as I proposed; but perhaps not time enough before Mr Oliver ^Hallowell^ to bring it. Your salary is fixed at 1500 pds & I beleive will commence from the Time the King first named you I have some Merit in getting it to this.

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 132–134.