833 | To Thomas Hutchinson

    [No.] 201

    Pall Mall. March. 5. 1770

    Dear Sir

    I am so drove in point of time that I have but two Hours to write all that is to go by this Ship, & therefore can only give you the Heads of an intended Letter.

    On Wednesday last the Hearing of my Petition came on before the Council.2 Mr De Berdt presented another Petition praying seven Months more time & as much farther as he should have Occasion for; otherwise he must decline entering upon the Support of the Assembly’s Petition. This produced many Questions to him from the Lords, in answering which he showed himself very contemptible both in Ability & Integrity. You shall have the particulars in my next.

    The Lords disallowed his Petition: and the Attorney General desiring to be heard on my behalf ex Parte,3 they said that the Business was plain enough it wanted no Explanation; and they adjourned for 8 days that a Report might be prepared, which I am assured will be as favorable to me as I can desire.

    For the more easy Understanding the Case I printed the Petition & my Answer to it; some of which I will send you now & some more by another Ship. If I can get Leave, I will print the whole Case with the Proofs I had ready to produce.4 My Answer alone will want no Proof at Boston.

    What I foretold to you of the new Minister encreasing in Strength is confirmed. On Monday last feb 26 upon a Question of addressing his Majesty for an Account of the Expenditures on the Civil List the Numbers in the House were 262c, 165p. Majy 97.5 This is understood to be decisive with Regard to the Firmness of the Ministry.

    This day the American Affairs are to come on. The Ministry is for repealing the 3 Articles; the Opposition is for repealing the whole Act or no Part of it; and some leading Men in the ministerial Party are against any Repeal. There is no Probability of the whole Act being repealed: but it is very possible that the Question for a partial Repeal may be lost by a Schism6 in the Ministerial Party; altho Lord North is in Earnest in his Proposal of it.7 More the next Time.

    I am &c.

    Lt Govr Hutchinson

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 69–70.