819 | To Thomas Hutchinson


    No 13.

    Pall Mall Decr 8th 1769

    Dear Sir

    I cannot add much to my former Letters: but I must caution you not to be too sanguine in expecting that the Business of America will be conducted in the approaching Session in such a Manner as the Friends of Government who understand the Subject would wish.1 A proper Check & Censure of the Combinations against the Trade of Great Britain, I fear, will not take Place; tho’ the Means for effecting such a Purpose are plain and unexceptionable. I now begin to be apprehensive that the whole of the late Act, including Tea, will be repealed; and have been told today that the East India Company are to desire it: this I suppose is to be a Salvo for the Honor of Great Britain which by some Great People is thought to be much interested in such Repeal.2

    To ballance this Account of the public Business, I can assure you that since I wrote my last, Lord H has spoke to me in strong Terms in your Favour & I beleive would realise his good Intentions towards you very soon, if some Business which is necessarily preliminary to it could be got thro. But Business of all Kinds moves very slow: and I have made such a slow Progress in what is belonging to me, that there are many Matters of Importance with which I am charged, that I have not as yet had an Opportunity to open. So you must wait as we here do. I am with Complts to all my Friends, Sir &c.

    The Honble Lt Govr Hutchinson

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 32–33.