836 | To Thomas Hutchinson

    Pall Mall, March. 10th.1770

    No 22.

    Dear Sir

    I wrote to you by Mr Deblois who is set out for Boston in Scott’s Vessel; & I gave you an Account of the Proceedings in the House of Commons in Relation to the Repeal as I had it from good Authority; for I was not there myself.1

    There was a Business passed in the House which it is proper you should be apprised of. A Petition was presented by Mr Bollan as Agent of the Council & the Province of Massachusets Bay; it was signed by Mr Oliver Secry & a Certificate under the Province Seal was annexed to show that Mr Oliver was Secretary. It was objected that the Council had no Right to act without the Governor, much less to appoint an Agent for the Province; and tho’ the Certificate was signed by the Lieut Governor that was only to show that Mr Oliver was Secry & not to signify his the Lieut Governors Assent to the Petition.2

    Lord North said he was never for rejecting Petitions, if any Pretence could be found for receiving them. That this Petition could not be received as the Petition of the Council of Massachusets Bay, but that if Mr Bollan would reduce it to the Petition of himself, who, he would suppose, had some Property in Mass Bay, he was for receiving it. He therefore proposed to the Lord Mayor,3 who preferred it, to carry it into the Lobby & get Mr Bollan to strike out his Titles & bring it in again as the Petition of him only. This was done, & the Petition was ordered to lye upon the Table.

    The Report of the Committee of Council upon the Assembly’s Complaint is made to the King; & I was told by a Lord who assisted at it that it is in very strong Terms in my favor.4 As soon as it is confirmed by the King in Council, I shall have a Copy; & one will be sent to you by My Lord Hillsborough.5

    I am &c.

    The Honble Lt Govr Hutchinson

    P. S. I should have told you in my last that Mr Greenville in his Speech took to Pieces the Conduct of every Administration since his own with great Severity, sparing his new Allies less than the Ministry; whose Proceedings in the present Business the Distinctions upon which he declined voting, seem wholly to justify.6

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 75–76.