923 | To Charles Steuart

    Aylesbury Apr. 18 1778


    As you are acquainted with the anxiety I am under on account of the sufferings of Mr Logan in America I hope you will excuse the trouble I give you on this subject. Having heard lately that a sum of Money has been granted by Parliament for the relief of the sufferers for government in America, I am apprehensive that Mr Logan will be excluded from his share of it. I shou’d therefore esteem it as a particular favor if you wou’d take what steps you think most for Mr Logans interest in this entended benevolence; If you think you want authority to make use of his name upon such an occasion, I will take upon me to draw, sign & give in any memorial that you shall think fit on this occasion, only let there be no time lost if you will favor me with your sentiments on this subject you will oblige your most obedient

    humble servant

    Fra, Bernard

    ALS, RC      NLS: Charles Steuart Papers, MS 5030, f 251.