817 | To Thomas Hutchinson


    No 11

    Dec. 5 1769

    Dear Sir

    Having wrote a full ostensible Letter1 I now come to a confidential one. You will receive by the Packet a Relaxation of your Orders concerning the Assembly, if they wanted any. You will also receive Directions for calling the Assembly at Cambridge, but not so peremptory as to oblige you to it if you should think it best to have it at Boston. It was judged this Measure would greatly contribute to what you express your Hopes of, the separating the Country Representatives from the Boston Faction. I recommended a peremptory Order that you might be more able to apologise for it. But it was answered that this amounted to a peremptory Order, if your Opinion did not direct you to counteract it, in which Case you was left at Liberty to do what you thought for the best. But if you thought it best to obey it, you might quote it as a positive Order: for as you are not to communicate the Secretary of State’s Letters (no not even to the Council now) the discretionary Power which is given you need not appear. I do not know whether you & I agree in the Expediency of calling the Assembly out of Boston at this Time. I think the Opportunity which now offers for that Purpose ought by no Means to be neglected; & that even the keeping them at even so little a Distance as Cambridge will conduce very much to bring them from under the Despotism of the Faction. But you will judge for yourself. In a Conversation I had with Mr J2, t’other Day, he of his own Accord proposed holding the Assembly at a Distance from Boston as a Remedy for the present Disorders arising from the Influence of the Faction; and observed that in popular Governments the Assembly should never [be]3 meet in a great Metropolis; as they ought as much as possible, to be kept out of the Way of being tampered with by designing Men.

    I have two other Matters relating to the Assembly to write upon, but must defer them ‘till I make up my Packet by the Mail which will go next Fryday.4 I shall then write to some other of my Friends; at present I can only finish this.

    I am

    The Honble Lieut Govr Hutchinson

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 28–30.