Appendix 6

    [A List of Massachusetts Royal Councilors]

    [post. 3 Mar. 1774]

    1. 1. Lieut. Governor for the Time being.1
    2. 2. Thomas Flucker, Secretary. — of good moderate Fortune and Ability; scarcely fit for Lieut. Governor; but properly of the Council.2
    3. 3. Peter Oliver, Chief Justice.3
    4. 4. Forster Hutchinson, Judge of the Superior Court.4
    5. 5. Thomas Hutchinson, Judge of the Inferior Court. — Eldest Son of the Governor; 34 Years of Age; has a good moderate Fortune.5
    6. 6. Harrison Grey, Treasurer.6
    7. 7. Samuel Danforth, President of the Council, and may be continued in the Council.7
    8. 8. John Irving — is of the present Council. He has two Sons; the younger, a very sensible spirited young Gentleman, is a nominal Justice, and may at any time be sworn in. He invited one of the Consignees to come for Shelter to his House, and engaged to defend him to the last Extremity. If the old man declined, this Son should be appointed.8
    9. 9. Timothy Ruggles, commanded the whole Brigade of 5 Regiments during the War. He afterwards was Speaker of the Assembly, was one of the three Boston Commissioners to the Convention at New York, and protested against their Proceedings. He was amongst the Rescinders, and singly protested against the Agreement not to buy the English Manufactures.9
    10. 10. Joseph Lee, of Cambridge, was left out of the Council upon account of his voting for Govr. Bernard, & is Member for Cambridge. Mr. Hutchinson would probably recommend him for Lieut. Governor, as he always advises with him; and Mr. Lee is a man of Resolution and independent Fortune. He has left off Trade, and lives generously at Cambridge. And Ruggles, excepted, there is no Man whom the Faction stand so much in Awe of as Mr. Lee.10
    11. 11. Isaac Winslow, of Roxbury, a Man of independent Fortune, and a peculiar Friend of Mr. Hutchinson.11
    12. 12. Israel Williams, of Hatfield, was of the Council, but left out upon his appearing well-affected to Government. He was afterwards chosen into the lower House, and has always voted with Government.12
    13. 13. Col. George Watson, of Plymouth, was at the Head of the Protestors at Plymouth, and managed that Condemnation of the Boston Proceedings very well. Mr. Hutchinson’s Son married his Daughter.13
    14. 14. Nathaniel Rae Thomas, of Marshfield, a Young Man of good Estate, who was at the Head of the Marshfield Protest.14
    15. 15. Timothy Woodbridge is now one of the Council, and supported the Governor there in the Affair about the Letters to Whately.15

      16. William Vassal


      Two Brothers of £4000 a Year Estate in the West Indies, who have said that if something was not done by Parliament they would leave the Country. They have never had the Offer; and it is not sure that they would chuse to interfere in the Government of the Country, but are very proper Men for the Council.

      17. John Vassal16

      Jas. Russel17

    16. 18. Joseph Green is a Man whom the Governor often consults with, has done with Trade, and has a good Fortune. He was at College with the Governor, and is of irreproachable Character.18
    17. 19. James Bouteneau is a Man of an independent Fortune, not in Trade, and well-affected.19
    18. 20. Andrew Oliver, of Salem, Eldest Son of the (late) Lieut. Governor, has an independent Fortune, chiefly by his Wife.20
    19. 21. Col. Josiah Edson, of Bridgewater, was one of the Rescinders, is a Man of Fortune, of great Influence at Bridgewater, and hopes to bring that Town to disown the Boston Measures.21
    20. 22. George Bethune. ^Abijah Willard^22
    21. 23. Richard Lechmere. Well affected, and bred up under his Father, who was Surveyor General and disposed of his Place to Temple.23
    22. 24. Joshua Loring.24
    23. 25. John Worthington, of Springfield, Hampshire, has been one of the Council, but was left out; is now a Member of the Assembly, of an independent Fortune, and as considerable a Man as any in the Province.25


    • Timothy Paine27
    • Willm. Pepperel28
    • Timothy Ruggles ^Jeremiah Powell^29
    • Jonathan Simpson30
    • Col. Murray of Rutland31
    • Daniel Leonard32
    • Col. Brown of Salem33
    • Richd. Saltonstall of Haverhill34
    • Thos. Palmer35
    • Edwd Winslow of Plymouth ^Isaac Royal^36
    • Robt. Hooper of Marblehead37
    • Jas. Russel
    • Abijah Willard.38

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