804 | From Thomas Hutchinson

    No. 15

    Boston 31. Octo. 1769.

    Scot & Leith1

    Dr Sr.

    I went to dine with my brethren of the Superior Court at Cambridge where Judge Lynde told me he was surprized at seeing Tooveys deposition as published in Edes & Gills paper wch he met with at Springfield that when he returned to Salem he inquired of Colo Pickman how he came to take that deposition against Gov Bernard & never gave him any notice of it.2 Pickman replied that he did not Remember there was such a passage. Afterwds the Judge saw Pickman the son who is a Justice of peace & enquired of him about it. He said that his father some time ago upon seeing the deposition said he did not remember there was one word about Gov. Bernard in what Toovey swore to & Pickman the ^son^ said he verily believed that part was added after the attestation was made by the Justice for wch a space had been left[.]3 I give you just what Judge Lynde said to me without any other remark than this that when I came home I looked into ye printed deposition & find the several parts well connected without that clause which is so very strong against you that I can hardly think it possible for Colo Pickman who is very observant & has a good memory to have forgot it. Perhaps you may be able to come at a sight of the original. The horrid wickedness of the thing does not make it less probable in these times. I say nothing to you by this ship of another mob nor of the affair of Mein who I think cannot stay in the town but refer them to another conveyance.4 The papers I inclose & am with great sincerity

    yr m faithfl hum Servt

    AL, LbC      Mass. Archs. 26: 401.