861 | To Thomas Hutchinson


    No. 42

    Hampstead, Octr 6th 1770

    Dear Sir,

    I had just time by the Paoli to acknowledge the Receipt of your Letters 28–32 I now come to answer them.1

    I wrote to you some [time] ago that your Commission would stand still till Lord Hillsborough returned from Ireland; and that your Salary would not be affected by it.2 It is now put in hand again, but as the public Officers are most out of town, it will scarce be got ready to go by Mr Hallowell, who is returning a Commissioner of the Customs & carries an Appointment of his Brother to be Comptroller.3 In Regard to the other Commissions; Lord H has told me that you had proposed that the Lieut Governor’s Commission might lie dormant for a time: but you did not consider that herein you counteract the Intention of the Administration upon which your own Promotion has been in part founded, that is to reward those who have served & suffered for Government; and to let those Rewards appear together that they may have the most forcible Effects. I don’t know that Mr Olivers Income will be increased by his being appointed Lieut Governor upon the Terms proposed. But surely such an Appointment with a Salary of 300 a year will greatly contribute to his honor and Ease, & as it will undoubtedly be considered as an Advancement, it will also reflect Honor upon the Government. Besides if the Salary for Mr Oliver as Lieut. Govr is not assigned now it probably never will; & the Office will forever lose this Support, which otherwise, thro’ Mr Oliver, it will probably have. and you will agree with me that if this Office shall continue to require Residence, as I dont see but it will, it ought to have a Support;

    As for Mr Flucker he has for some time been considered as a Creditor of the Crown; and it was owing to Circumstances accidental as well as favorable, that Mr Rogers got on the List before Mr Flucker; and his Unfitness upon Account of the Strokes he had received were so loudly talked of that I should have been put to great Difficulty if I had been required to give my Opinion of the fitness of the Appointment. And now he is removed by the Hand of God, it would be a great Disappointment in the Cause of Government if Mr F should not be put in his Place. And as Administration is, I know, desirous of giving all possible Proofs of their Attention to the Services of the Friends of Government in your Province; it would be a great Omission to neglect this Opportunity of rewarding Mr Flucker. I have therefore allready supported my own Recommendation with those of yours & Mr Olivers, & shall urge it again at the next Opportunity.4 I shall very readily join with You in your Opinion of the Integrity and Abilities of your Brother whenever there shall be an Occasion to propose them.5

    I shall leave the Account of settling the Board to Mr. Hallowell, who will bring the latest Advices: nothing is done as yet; it is full late now; they don’t consider the Winters of America. I shall bear many in my Mind Goldthwaits Letter: I have a great deal to say about Penobscot.6 but there are Matters of so great Importance upon the Carpet now that the lesser Matters must wait. I delivered your Letter to Sir Edward Hawke to Mr Stephens & desired he would give me an Opportunity to see Sir Edward.7 I will give your Recommendation fair Play: I have already applied for the Office for my Son & have considered myself as refused. But if Sir Edward has any Thoughts of giving it to my Son I shall accept of it; if he proposes to give it to Mr Cotton I shall not oppose it. I have considered it as not of Importance enough to wear my Interest about.8

    I am &c.


    The Honble Govr Hutchinson

    L, LbC      BP, 8:126–28.