921 | From John Calef

    Sir Francis Bernard

    I beg leave to inform you, since my return from London I have been through the Country of Sagadahock, told the inhabitants the intimation Lord Dartmouth was pleased to make on their behalf, with which they are pleased in hope of a full confirmation by & by. I was at Dear Island where [there]1 are more than 70 familys settled, who have built a meeting house and expect to settle a minister in April next, I was a[t] Fox Island also, where are about 60 familys, both these Islands petitioned the Genl. Court for a Grant in your Excellencys Day, but without success, their petns. were ordered to lay on the table, I have sent their petns. to Mr. Joseph Parker of Cheapside no. 114 London who will wait on Sir Francis for his direction & assistance to obtain a Confirmation of all the Grants

    I have to Observe on the state of that country that within two years one hundred familys have moved on the Banks of Penobscot River; and the increase of settlers in the other townships equal in proportion, great numbers of whom have removed from towns near the Sea to escape the Calamitys of a civil war, much threatned at this day, their greatest concern seems to be to have Law & Gospel settled among them, & are desirous of being severed from Massa. Bay & a separate Government erected, they think it may be supported by a duty on West India Goods, Cord wood, and Lumber; thinking a few Officers sufficient for the first ten years, after that time believe themselves will be able to pay a round poll & Land Tax; at present they cannot have Law & Gospel & are in a Heathenish state all which they greatly lament.

    The Trustees appointed to provide a missionary for that country, delivered me a Letter containing his remarks on the Country for 1772. Which Mr. Parker will shew Sir Francis, the same Gentleman was on that Service last year, he told me he tho’t the Inhabitants in that country had near doubled the last two years, Mr. Parker hath some other Letters & papers which Sir Francis if he please will peruse & will give Mr. Parker advice whither or not to shew them to Lord Dartmouth.

    Please to let me add; I purposed on my arrival home, to remove to Portsmouth with my family; but finding six Gentlemen of the faculty fixed there could be no chance of my geting bread, The people in this & neighbouring Towns have surrounded my House armed with Clubs, drums beating &c saying I was an enemy to the Country, I have made such Confession to them as they tho’t fitt, The Town have agreed not to employ me as a physician, & I have done but little business since I left England, Tis generally said those who are called Torys shall be killed first, how far the madness of the people will run, time will discover, I expect in few Days to seek an Asylum at Boston, or in the wilderness at Penobscott & spend the remainder of my days in Oblivion & want, only for voting and being on the part of Government

    I am Sir Francis Your most obedient and Dutifull Humble Servant

    John Calef2

    Ipswich NE. Feb 1. 1775.

    Sir Francis Bernard

    ALS, RC      Dartmouth Papers, American Papers: D(W)1778/II/1127.