871 | To Thomas Hutchinson

    No 48

    Hampstead Novr 13 1770

    Dear Sr

    I am much pleased with your conduct in surrendering the Castle which upon many accounts was managed in the best manner possible. I always saw that this would happen some time or other & endeavoured to stave it off as long as possible. But the proceedings of the faction in March last quite stopt my mouth: and ever since those advices arrived the cry has been for taking the Castle into the King’s hands. Genl_ Amherst1 told me some days since that it ought to have been done a long while ago.

    With regard to the faction this alteration has been long due. But I was induced to desire that it might not take place cheifly upon account of the many persons who had the comfort of their lives resting upon that establishment. I pity them heartily, & especially Phillips, whose improper behaviour does not abate the sensibility of my feeling for him upon this occasion.2

    I communicated your Letter to my Lord Hillsborough the day after I received it, & enlarged upon the hardship of these people & particularly Phillips, being turned out of a comfortable livelyhood which they had depended upon for life. He said you had wrote to the same purpose: He agreed with us, & said he thought something should be done for them, but asked whence is the money to come? I cant at present answer that question: but I will consider of it & see what can be done. At least I will put into his hands a memorial in behalf of Phillips when I can find an opportunity to edge it in with a prospect of success.3

    But least an application which cannot pretend to be authorized by the party should be objected to, I would recommend that you would advise & assist Phillips to address a Petition to the King himself, that you recommend it to my Lord Hillsborough, giving testimony to such parts of it as may want. But you should leave it to his Lordship to present it or not as he shall think fit; & not put him under the necessity of delivering it against his own opinion. I will do all I can to bring it forward.

    I am Sr_ &c

    His Excellency Govr Hutchinson.

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 145–146.