898 | To the Earl of Hillsborough

    Bath, Feb. 24, 1772.

    My Lord,

    Your Lordship having given me leave to certify to you, from Time to Time, the Cases of those who have suffered at Boston in the Cause of Government, I cannot help representing unto you that of Mr. Storey, who is now in London, soliciting some Relief for the Losses he has suffered in the Disturbances at Boston.

    This Gentleman, at the Time of the first Disturbances at Boston, was Deputy Register of the Court of Admiralty there, and in considerable Business as a Conveyancer. This official Employment made him offensive to the People of Boston, when they set themselves up against the Crown Officers; and in the same Night in which the Lieutenant Governor had his House destroyed, Mr. Storey had his House and Office broke open and plundered by the Mob.1 He had indeed a nominal Compensation made him by the Assembly, but with a very sparing Hand, which was far from indemnifying him, for it made no Allowance at all for some Part of his Loss, particularly occasioned by the Destruction of his Papers. The Terror which arose on this occasion, and a disarrangement of Business, made him think it proper to quit Boston and obliged him to enter into a new Range of Business, in consequence of which he was in a short time ruined. This is truly his Case, tho’ there was some distance between his Ruin and the Embarrassments which were the final Cause of it.

    If I had been able to attend in Town, I should have personally introduced him to your Lordship. As it is, I think it my Duty to certify what I know of this Gentleman’s Case. I don’t precisely understand what he is applying for; but I know that his Misfortunes have arose chiefly from the Destruction of his Office and Papers at Boston.

    I therefore recommend him for such Relief as upon a State of his Case, he shall appear to deserve.

    I have the Honor to be, With great Respect, My Lord, &c. &c.

    Fra. Bernard.

    To the Right Hon. the Earl of Hillsborough.

    L, PC      Boston Evening-Post, 24 Aug. 1772