805 | To the Earl of Hillsborough

    Chidley Court Pall Mall Novr 3. 1769

    My Lord

    I have been looking over your Lordship’s Letter of April 22nd 1768 & find the following to be the last Paragraph.1

    As it is not ^his Majesty’s^ intention that a faithful Discharge of your Duty should operate to your own Prejudice or to the Discontinuance of any Necessary Establishments, proper Care will be taken for the Support of the Dignity of Government.

    This does not come up to the present Business any further, than by the Declaration that “it is not his Majesty’s Intention that a faithful Discharge of my Duty should operate to my Prejudice”: and upon this Ground was founded the Purpose of allowing me the specific Salary I received from the Assembly, without which the faithful Discharge of my Duty will operate to my Prejudice.

    A Letter from Mr Pownall, tho private, dated Febry 19th 17692 confirms that this was the Purpose. Among other Propositions which he says were under Consideration were ^is^ the following: “Govr to be created a Baronet at public Expence and have Leave to come home with Allowance equal to Govt till otherwise provided for”.3 This must plainly mean at least a Sum equal to the Salary, clear of Deductions. This indeed is not an authentick Letter; but is good Evidence to show what was the Intention of Administration; as it has allready been in part executed.

    I am &c.

    Lord Hillsborough.

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 12.