822 | To Thomas Hutchinson


    No_ 15


    [Pall Mall?] Jan. 13. 1770

    Dear Sir

    In my former Letters I told you that you stood fair in my Lord Hillsborough’s good Opinion.1 He has since told me that he intended to appoint you Governor as soon as he could with Propriety supersede me. The two Preliminaries were making a Provision for me, & the Council determining upon the Assembly’s Complaint against me, without which the superseding me might be supposed to be in Consequence of that Complaint. I acquainted him today that my Business at the Treasury was determined, and would soon be finished in form. And as to the Complaint, if the Council would hear it summarily, that might be determined as soon. Upon which my Lord assured me that as soon as that was over he would immediately appoint you Governor.

    My Lord is as well disposed towards Mr Oliver, & is ready to appoint him Lt Govr, if we could but tell how to make a Satisfaction for the Loss of the Secretary’s Office: for my Lord absolutely declares against any valuable Consideration being given for Mr Oliver’s Resignation or even permitting it to be done without his Knowledge. The only Way that has been thought of to make Mr Oliver Amends, has been to get the Annuity granted to you as Cheif Justice, which must expire upon your taking the Government, assigned to Mr Oliver as Lieut Govr.2 My Lord H approves the Thing, & will urge it at a proper Time to the D of G; & I will upon a signal for proper Time endeavour to enforce it with my Lord North. The cheif Difficulty apprehended is the great Frugality professed at the Treasury, which I have experienced myself; On the other hand it must be remembered that Mr O is a Creditor of that Board of some standing. I have closely attended to these Matters & have the Pleasure to say I meet with all the good Will I could wish.3

    You will expect to hear what is done with Respect to me. It was some time after I arrived before my Subject was brought upon the Carpet. My Friends L H & L B4 had fully persuaded themselves that I should have a Pension of 1000 pds a Year. But when Lord H came to talk with the Duke of G, the latter applied the 1000 pds only to the Time I continued Governor, & said that the Sum of the standing Pension was yet to be settled: He proposed 600 pds; L H pressed for 800. In this uncertain State it lay for several Weeks, untill the Duke went into Suffolk to spend his Christmas. The Day after, Mr Bradshaw5 acquainted me that it was impracticable to find time for a Reconsideration of this Matter before the Duke went out of Town; & added that he had allready Authority to make out a Warrant for 600 pds a year from the first of Decr; that he would perfect this Warrant if I pleased, or would delay it till the Duke came to Town again in Hopes of procuring an Addition to the Sum. I was quite alarmed at the Prospect of this Business being carried into the Time of the sitting of the Parliament; & immediately determined to accept the Offer; & the Warrant was completed before the D returned.

    Soon after his Return, an Order ^was^ issued for 500 pds to be paid to me for the half Year ending at Decr 1, from whence the Pension commenced. My Friends in general disapprove of this nice Frugality in a Case where, they say, the Honor of the Crown was so much concerned. But they acquit the D of Ill Will towards me which I am assured he is far from having. It is rather imputed to an Apprehension that a larger Sum would incur Censure in the public Papers; tho in Truth whoever would censure the Grant of 1000 pds would equally condemn one of 600. For my own Part I am quite easy about it & have no doubt but, by having the Disposal of my time Situation & manner of living, I shall make a Pension of 600 pds as valuable as a Place of 1000. However I intend to convert my Pension to a Place as soon as I can & have allready wrote to the D for that Purpose. For Notwithstanding my Attachment to America I have no Desire to return thither, untill the Disputes with Great Britain are determined. I send you herewith a Letter to authorise you to grant a Leave of Absence to my Son6 in the Name of the King & tested by you. I sollicited this some time ago & have got this Business put in the Right Channel. I would not have him made acquainted with this: But it will be of Use, if it shall be thought advisable to send him to England. I am much obliged to you for your Care of him: I shall write on this Subject to Lady B.

    I am &c.

    The Honble Lt Govr Hutchinson

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 44–47.