925 | Thomas Bernard to Lord North

    My Lord,

    I trust that your Lordship will pardon an Application occasioned by the Death of my Father the Late Sir Francis Bernard; whose private Fortune, never considerable, is so far from having been increased in the Service of Government, that it has been eventually diminished; as I think I could easily explain to your Lordship’s Satisfaction.

    My Lord Barrington’s Goodness to me1 & the Marriage of my eldest Sister have made our Situations easy;2 but the very slender Provision, which my late Father was able to make for my youngest Brother & my three younger Sisters, compels me to beseech your Lordship’s favor with his Majesty for a Continuance to them of some small Part of his Pension, either in four separate Sums of £100 each, or as shall be thought proper. Permit me to say that the Favor will not be unworthy of your Lordship’s benevolent Disposition, & I pray you to excuse the Pride with which I add that it is not unmerited by the Zeal & Integrity with which my Father devoted his Life and Abilities to the Service of his Majesty.

    I have the honor to be Your Lordship’s dutiful & obedient Servant

    Thomas Bernard

    1st. July. 1779

    The Right honble Lord North

    ALS, RC      BP, 12: 311–314.