900 | From Thomas Hutchinson

    Sir FB

    Boston 30 March 1772

    Dr Sr

    I have been in great distress near 24 hours after the rect of a letter from Mr Gambier by Calef.1 He mentions your having been attacked with a fit & that he had heard nothing from you afterwards. At length Mr John has found a letter in Calefs chest from Lady Bernard which explains it to be paralytick and I will not suffer my self to think that you have not recovered from it.2 If your health is not fully restored let me beseech you to try the horse and not by short rides but journeys. I have never been paralytick but once in about a dozen or fifteen years I have been unstrung my nerves relaxed & have lost my sleep. Nothing else has served me. That will not do unless you throw off every thing that vexes you especially the particular trouble wch. perhaps may have contributed more than any other but riding will help you to do that a succession of new objects employing the mind. I dont wish you to say anything to me upon business until you are quite well.

    I am Dr Sr Yours sincerely

    Sr F.B. Bart

    AL LbC      Mass. Archs., 27: 307.