809 | To Thomas Hutchinson


    No 7

    Pall Mall Nov 17 1769

    Dear Sir

    I shall have frequent Occasions to distinguish my Letters to you as above, and at such times must write a communicable Letter to cover the private.

    I make the best Use I can of communicating your Letters; with Lord H1 I have scarce any Secrets; to others in the Ministry I consider what is proper for Communication; to Americans I have no Occasion at all to communicate any thing at all.2 The Hint that you gave me of the Land Bank Act is like to be very serviceable. It seems that it was founded upon another Act which was made about 1718, which was extended to America in 1741; and it is now doubted whether these Acts are not now in Force in America & do not comprehend the present Combination: at least they will make a precedent. I have not as yet seen these Acts; but I shall see them to day.3

    I think it was better that you did not call the Council; they would have done no Good & might have done Harm. My Lord H said yesterday that he thought it would be best for you to act with Firmness & Resolution; I said that if the Government here would set the Example, I dared say that you would follow it: but without some such Encouragement it would be difficult.

    I have seen Dr F several times but have not had a Word with him about America. His Principle seems to be to have no fixed Principles at all. If he had any fixed Plan The Americans would soon advance beyond it; & he could not keep up consistently with his Party. It therefore seems to be his Intention to avoid all Declarations which may set Bounds to the American Pretensions; and that he may be at Liberty to go as far as his Constituents shall please. You will be able to judge how far the Pensilvanians mean to go, by their being satisfied or not by the Repeal as intended. I should have continued this Letter farther, but I am now sent for to attend my Lord North, to whom I was before engaged, If the Ship stays till tomorrow I may probably add a few more Lines.4

    I am &c.

    Lt Govr Hutchinson.

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 20–21.