814 | From Thomas Hutchinson

    No 21

    Boston 30 Nov. 1769

    My dear Sir

    After I wrote you what I heard about Tooveys deposition I thought it best to know from Pickman himself how that affair was managed and accordingly wrote to him & desired his answer.1 Altho it is not probable that the deposition has been altered as Pickman at first supposd yet it appears plainly to have been a cooked up business and prior to Cockles suspension & sworn to in terms very different from Tooveys explanation at the time of it[.]2 Pickman was very incautious in suffering a man to swear to words which conveyed ideas so different from the sense he him self ^professed to^ put upon them. I am sorry Toovey is dead for tho he would must have been a very indifferent fellow I have no doubt I could have brought him to discover the whole iniquity[.] However I think the account Pickman gives must remove all impressions to your disadvantage for which purpose I have procured & now forward it being upon every occasion

    Yo m faithful hum servt

    Sr FB_

    Dec. 1st. I have met with a copy of the Letter wrote by the Merchants of Boston to the Merchts of Salem wch. I thought of sufficient importce to send to My Lord Hillsboro.3 I have likewise informed his Lordship what Sewall tells me to day that the G Jury have agreed to present the Gov. Gen Gage Comodore Hood & the 4 Comissioners for slandering the Town of Boston. He told them he would not draw the bills[.] They persist to it notwthstanding. He then advised them to send to Dana to do it & he supposes they have done it[.]4 Dec 4th. Upon receiving a letter from Mr Hely Hutchinson of Dublin wth a particular account of the several branches of our family among whom he mentions Mr Soame Jennings Lady[.] it gives me a pretence for making myself known to him & I must pray you to do me the favour to deliver a letter I send under this cover.5

    Added to Sr FB’s Dec 1st letter Dec. 4

    The Vessell bound to Hull tarrying until the 6 in the evning L G Hutchinson has opportunity of acquainting Sr Fran Bernard wth ye arrival of the Octo Mail & acknowledging his kind letter of the 4th of that month.6 The inclosed were sent immediately to Lady Barnard at Roxby. By a Vessel bound to London in a few days the LG intends to write again. He has just obtained a copy of the famous indictmt against Sr FB & sends it under cover wth this to Mr Secr Pownall[.] There are like Bills against Gen Gage the 5 Comissrs Mr Harrison & Mr Hallowell[.] The Court it is hoped will do evry thing wch. regularly they can do to discountenance such a wanton proceeding in a GJ7 under oath. They have put Mr T. in with the rest the Lettrs being signed by him & he may exculpate himself, according to the marginal note upon trial. They left out Com. Hood after having agreed to present him. The reason given out of doors is there fears of having their Seamen impressed8

    They would find no bill against Temple for the assault upon Flucker tho laid before them by the Att Gen & the fact sworn to by 5 or 6 Witnesses. Every slight affront from an Officer or Soldier they have presented9

    AL, LbC      Mass. Archs. 26: 410, 414.