891 | From Lord Barrington

    Cavendish Square 30th Novr. 1771.

    Dear Sir,

    Tho’ it is impossible to hear of the death of Mrs Beresford without lamenting the loss of so excellent a Woman, I cannot help rejoicing at the considerable addition made to your Fortune: I know you will make the best use of it. I congratulate two of my Cousins on the handsome Legacy which has been left to them; & their Sisters on the paternal Settlement which you are going to make in their favor.1 I am very sensible of your friendly attention in communicating this event to me.2

    The unexpected Vote lately carried in the House of Commons in Ireland by a large Majority, I conceive will prevent the New Commission’s taking place, or at least Suspend its operations; A circumstance which in all probability will be convenient to You, as Mrs Beresford’s death must be the occasion of a good deal of business, which could not be well done in your absence.

    I am, with my best compliments to all with you,

    Dear Sir Your most faithful & Obedient humble Servant


    ALS, RC      BP, 12: 235–238.

    Jane Beresford. Artist unknown. By permission of Robert Spencer Bernard. Photograph by Charles Crisp, A.B.I.P.