830 | To John Murdoch

    Chidley Court Pall Mall

    febry 15. 1770


    I hereby inclose to you a duplicate of a Letter which I wrote to you at the Time it bears date & to which ^I have^ as yet received no Answer.1 As there has been a Change of the first Lord of the Treasury since I wrote that, it will be necessary to the Purpose of serving Mr Logan that Lord Justice Clerk should apply to my Lord North in the same Manner as he had done to the Duke of Grafton. And I must recommend the same Method of referring to me as I proposed in the inclosed Letter. I am persuaded that my Lord North will readily attend to an Application founded upon an Assurance made by the Duke of Grafton is a Case of this Nature; & I have no Doubt but that if you will give me an Opportunity, in the Manner I proposed, of interposing on the Behalf of Mr Logan, My Lord North will give full Credit to what I shall urge in his Favor. I heartily wish that something may be done for Mr Logan; & that is the Reason of my giving you this Repetition of trouble, to which I must now add a Desire that as little time may be lost as well may be.

    I am Sir &c.

    John Murdock Esq

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 64–65.