856 | To Lord North

    Hampstead, Aug. 13, 1770

    My Lord

    In the Beginning of last Winter I was desired to represent to your Lordship’s Office the Merit & Services of Mr Walter Logan an Officer of the Customs in America lately residing at Boston. This Gentleman was recommended to the favor of the Duke of Grafton by the Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland, who referred to my Knowledge of him: but before I could certify it, his Grace quitted the Office.1

    A little after in the Month of March last, I received a Letter importing that my Lord Justice Clerk having wrote again to the Duke of Grafton to desire him to recommend Mr Logan to your Lordship, received for Answer that his Grace had put his Letter into Your Lordship’s hands thereby adopting his Recommendation; And I was desired to give my Testimony of Mr Logans Pretensions to the favor of Government.2 I have been ready to do this; but knowing how fully your Lordship’s time was taken up & not being aware of any particular Occasion to serve Mr Logan, I have deferred it with some other things, to a time of more Leisure.

    Mr Logan is now Comptroller of the Customs at Perth Amboy in New Jersey; but being originally of Boston, & having provided for the Execution of his Office in his Absence, & attending the Business of it himself at stated times of the year, he has been allowed by the Commissioners to reside great Part of the year near Boston. In this Situation he has been of singular Service to the Commissioners & to the Cause of the Crown; & being naturally industrious in every thing that is pointed out to him as a Duty, he has in these times of Danger run great Risks & suffered much.

    His present Place is worth little more than his salary, which I beleive is but 50 pounds a year, and, as he has a Wife & 3 or 4 Children, is very insufficient for his Subsistence. His Integrity Industry & fidelity is exemplary; & I know not a Man for whom I could more readily be answerable in an Office of Trust. Your Lordship therefore may depend upon it that your favor to him will be extended to a good honest and deserving Man.

    I am &c.

    The Right Honble The Lord North

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 117–118.