916 | [List of Postponed Nominees to the Royal Council]

    [post c. 6 Nov. 1773–early 1774]

    Gentlemen proposed for the Council of Massachusets Bay with Observations why they are now postponed.

    John Bernard, Naval Officer.1 He has Merit with Government for his spirited Conduct in opposing the non-importation and might safely be trusted upon the present Occasion but is omitted upon account of his Office. But he ought to be the first appointed after the first Flurry is over.

    ✓ Robert Auchmuty, Judge of Admiralty.2 A very fit Person for a Councellor upon many Accounts. But his Appointment should be postponed at present upon account of the Office he holds: but should be one of the first appointed when Matters are settled.

    ✓ Jonathan Sewall, Attorney general, Judge of the Admiralty at Halifax.3 Exceptional at present upon account of his Offices, and moreover as that at Halifax supposes a Residence ^there^; would be very proper if this Difficulty was removed, as it might be with Consent of the Admiralty.

    ✓ Edward Winslow, Dep: Collector of Plymouth.4 a very fit Person if not exceptionable by his Office, as before.

    Francis Waldo, Collector of Falmouth.5 a good Man, liable to the same Objection, which is temporary only[.]

    ✓ John Vassal of Cambridge.6


    Young Men of Fortune who would come in properly upon Vacancies

    ✓ William Palmer, now at Surinam where he has an Estate.7

    ✓ William Pepperell of Roxbury8

    ✓ Richard Lechmere, of Boston, Merchant.9

    ✓ Robert Hooper, of Marblehead. a very good Man, formerly in Council, but who declined that Place many Years ago.10

    ✓ ---- Lee of Marblehead.11 a Man of Fortune. but Q: of his Politics.

    Stephen Greenleaf, Sheriff of Suffolk.12


    all good Men, but Q. of the Propriety of Sheriffs sitting in the Council: it has been done; but seems not to be right.

    David Phipps. Sheriff of Middlesex.13

    Oliver Partridge. Sheriff of Hampshire.14

    ✓ Richard Saltonstall. Sheriff of Essex.15

    Ms, RC      Dartmouth Papers, American Papers: D(W)1778/II/314.