863 | To Thomas Hutchinson

    No 44

    Hampstead, Octr. 8th. 1770

    Dear Sir,

    I wrote to you in my Letter No 42,1 that I would give your Recommendation of Mr Cotton fair ^play^; & for that Purpose tho I intended to remind Sr E Hawke of my former Application on behalf of my Son, 20 Months ago, to which I had received no Answer; yet I had your Letter delivered to Sir Edward,2 referring the Determination to a State of the Case which I desired Leave to make to him.

    I accordingly saw him this day: he said he was very desirous of obliging you whom he considered as an old Acquaintance & was under Difficulty upon Account of my prior Application. I therefore read to him your Letter & showed that it was not your Intention to defeat my Application for my Son; & I added that my Connection with you was of such a Sort that if you was present, you would give all your Interest in favor of my Son; that my Son was one of 9 Children & the first of 4 Sons unprovided for. (which is true notwithstanding the reversionary Interest he has lately obtained in a Place)3. I added that Mr Cotton was deserving of the favor of Government, and he should have my hearty Assistance to procure it by such Ways as should occur. He said that as it appeared from your Letter that you did not desire to counteract my Application on the behalf of my Son, he would give him the Place. But he particularly desired that I would let you know, that he had a strong Recollection of the friendly Intercourse he had with you at Boston, & should be glad of every Opportunity that occurred to shew his Regard to you. He particularly expressed a Pleasure that your Commission was now proceeding to a Completion. I must add that as I shall be the Cause of Mr Cottons Disappointment at present, I shall think myself obliged to give my utmost Attention to procure: and I must remind you of giving him the whole of the Office he now has, which I hope will soon be in Your Power, & which will be due no less as a Reward than as a Punishment.

    I am &c.

    The Honble Govr Hutchinson

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 131–132.