895 | From Lord Barrington

    Cavendish Square Jan 29th: 1772.

    Dear Sir,

    Hearing that the Commissions of Customs and Excise in Ireland were to take place, I went this morning to Lord North, and enquired whether your name stood in one of them. He said it did for the present; but that your attendance was not required now, and that if you chose on the whole to decline that Service on Account of your health, you should remain with your pension, and a Successor should be appointed: Your mind may therefore be perfectly at ease on this Subject.

    I hope Bath has done you service already and will perfectly restore you soon. Pray let me hear frequently of your health & beleive me ever, Dr Sir

    Most faithfully yours


    P. S My Cousin Tom is appointed, but he need not come to Town on that Acct.1

    ALS, RC      BP, 12: 245–246.