821 | To the Duke of Grafton

    Pall Mall Jan. 12 1770.

    My Lord

    I beg Leave to return your Grace my humble Thanks for your Favour in making a Provision for me whilst I shall be out of Employment. I am not used to eat the Bread of Idleness nor would I desire to do it now, if I knew how to avoid it. But the Scanty Pay of the Government I have lately held not having afforded me any Means to make an Addition to my own Estate, having a large Family to maintain and provide for, I find his Majesty’s Bounty to be really a seasonable Releif. However whenever your Grace shall be pleased to employ me in any actual Service, for Instance, at the Board of Customs or that of Excise or in any other Place suitable to the Rank to which his Majesty has been pleased to raise me, I shall be ready to disincumber the Fund on which I am now charged. In the mean Time I must beg that your Grace will still consider me as the King’s Servant & ready to employ my little Talents in the occasional Service of his Majesty’s Government & your Grace’s Administration.

    I have the Honor &c.

    His Grace The Duke of Grafton.

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 42–43.