890 | From Thomas Hutchinson

    Boston 24 October 1771

    Scooner St. Johns

    Dr Sr

    Since my last of the 16 Mr Bernard1 tells me that he has determined to go to England by the way of S. Carolina in a Ship which he has purchased at Portsmouth and doubts not he shall sail by Xmas. If I had known this when I gave you the hint in my last I would not have done it for if there was any danger the Voye would have put an end to it. I do not like his concern in Ships but he says it is not in his power to collect his debts in any other way. I think upon the whole it is best he should go & I will advise and assist him as well as I can in preparing for his Voye & putting his Affairs into Order to leave them in a good State. He has not yet fully acquainted me with them: Unless he can bring them within a narrow compass, as I suppose he may, I shall doubt after all whether it will be advisable for him to leave them. I will soon write again upon this & other Subjects & am Dr Sr Yr faithful Ser

    Sr Francis Bernard2

    AL, LbC      Mass. Archs., 27: 249.