896 | To Lord Barrington

    Bath Feb 1st_ 1772

    My Lord

    I received the favor of yours of the 29th & am extremely obliged to your Lordship for your care of & concern for me. I did not immagine if it was proper for the Irish Business to go on immediately & it cou’d ^that it would be^ stopped1 on account of altering2 my name in the Commission as that might occasion a great deal of delay which might be all saved hereafter with a very little trouble. I am much obliged to my Lord North for allowing me a further time to consider of this undertaking tho I dont think that it can make any alteration in my desire to retire — this attack has quite frightened me & I cannot in my own Mind realize the expectation every body gives me3 that I shall not be the worse for it. however as long as ^the public business^ is not impeded by me I am very willing that the matter should rest till I am able to apologize myself for this disappointment if it must be one, so that it ^is^ [to]4 be done without creating any dependance on me to serve in this Capacity. The waiting for this cannot create ^make^ a delay of more than 2 or 3 Months. I began drinking the Waters last Monday & they agree very well with me, but yesterday I got a little Cold & I must wait the event of that before I can go on with them – mine I find is a common case & will probably be remedied without Bathing.

    My Son was5 expected at Kensington on Thursday last & will wait on your Lordship soon after his Arrival. Lady B. talks of setting out for Bath soon after her [he] arrives & I hope she will make no unnecessary delay, for it is unpleasant to me to be separated from my Family at this time only my eldest Daughter being with me.

    I return Your Lordship many thanks for your kind care of me & am

    With great Respect My Lord Your Lordships faithful & ^most^ Obedient Servt ^humble servant^

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 180–181.