911 | From Thomas Hutchinson

    Boston 10 Mar 1773

    Dr Sr

    I fancy you have almost forgot America & find employment enough for your thoughts in improving your Estate in Buckinghamsh. I should be happy in spending a little time with you there but can hardly hope for & tho I think sometimes that if I had a good errand late as it is in life, I should not be afraid of a voyage to England. To obtain a little respite from the continual vexations which I meet with from the most perverse set of men upon earth would be one inducement.

    The late Messages of the House & Council if you have patience to read them will leave you at a loss to determine which are the most nonsensical. Those of the Council are the production of Bowdoin. The House of S Adams with the aid of Hawley & the Lawyer Adams & they have such an opinion of them that they have orderd the whole Controversy to be Printed in a Pamphlet for the benefit of Posterity.1

    The contagion which began in Boston had spread thro one third of the P Towns in the Province but seems to have been stopped by my speech to the Assembly and the consequent Proceedings there

    Surely all sorts of people in England will resent there open defiance first in the Towns & then in the House & Council.

    The next Packet I flatter myself will bring something from you2

    I am Dr Sr Yr faithl hum servt

    Sir FB3

    AL, LbC      Mass. Archs., 27: