906 | Amelia Bernard to Scrope Bernard

    Aylesbury Saturday [post Sept. 1772]

    Dear Scrope

    After we saw you we had a consultation with the Doctor, he insisted upon Sir Francis keeping to a very strict Regimen of taking Medicines & Riding every Day, it would therefore be much better for you not to come till Saturday as your appearance woud put him in mind of going to London, & such a Journey woud be fatal to him at this time, if you desire to come on Wednesday you must send a letter by the Market People on Tuesday who will meet some of our People at Thame[;]1 enclose your letter to Mr Hinton at Thame, & carry it to Mrs Lads, who will send it to Thame, if I hear nothing from you I shall send the Horses to the Kings Arms near Wheatly on Saturday, Adieu yours Affectionately,

    A Bernard

    I am afraid of sending the horses out least ^he^ shoud miss a days riding, he may be better by Satturday I have received your letter Ly B says the Horses shall be sent on Monday Adieu


    LS, RC      Spencer Bernard Papers: D/SB/P/1/15.

    Draft Act to Amend the Charter of Massachusetts Bay. BL: Add MS 89317/3/13, ff 15–20. The Draft Act was produced between c. 10 Nov. and 22 Dec. 1770 by a working group led by the earl of Hillsborough, the secretary of state for the American Colonies, and including Francis Bernard that met in London to discuss ways and means of reforming the Massachusetts government. The group’s proposals were later incorporated in the controversial Massachusetts Government Act of 1774 that sparked rebellion in the province. See Appendix 5.