302 | From John Temple

    Boston NE. 28th August 1764


    Mr Cockles1 keeping me Ignorant Seven days of the Letter he Received from the Custom house officers at Anguilla2 (to Which you was Privy) Informing of the false Clearances from that Island by which his Majestys Revenue has been so Greatly Injured has deprived me of the Oppertunity of taking such steps as probably Might have secured many Vessells in the Several parts of my district with such Clearances ____ yesterday at Ten in the Morning Mr Cockle first Acquainted me with these Matters although he Arrived in town (without my Liberty) and was with you Consulting the Affair, the Saturday preceeding at noon3; had I been Imediately Informed of these things (as I Ought to have been) by Mr Cockle at his first coming to town, & by Govr. Bernard4 as soon as it came to his knowledge, insted of Contriving how the Penaltys might be Recover’d to private advantage, my Expresses might have near Reached New York, and almost through the Whole district by this hour, by Which all Vessells would have been Detained in port under these Circumstances; one has Certainly departed the port of Boston since you & Mr Cockle had knowledge of these Frauds,5

    My Duty to the Crown Renders it Indispensably necessary for me to Represent this Matter to the Lords of the Treasury,6

    I am with all possible Regard Sir Your Most Obedient and Most humble Servant,

    J. Temple

    To his Excellency Governor Bernard

    ALS, LbC Temple Papers, 1762-1768: JT Letterbook, 53-54.

    Sir John Temple. Oil on panel by Gilbert Stuart. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.