339 | To Richard Jackson

    Boston March 28th.1765

    Dr. Sir

    In my Letters to you concerning your appointment to the Agency of this Province, I was quite silent concerning the Salary assigned to that office.1 This was designed: and this subject was purposely avoided being brought before the House for these reasons: the House had before them the Accounts of Mr. Bollan & Mr. Mauduit, & it was thought best to wait the settleing  them; as such settlement would certainly be prescriptive in favor of an Appointment for you; the present house was unusually suspicious & penurious; And therefore it was thought advisable to postpone all considerations of Grants of Money, where the cases would admit it, as your appointment very properly would: It is generally understood here that the Salary of an Agent is 300 pounds sterling a year, besides actual Charges, among which Coach hire is an usual one; there has been less Allowed, but this is the most general & the latest sum; & I am persuaded that less will not be offered for you. The Difficulties in former Agents Accounts arise from extraordinary Charges & the poundage of Moneys received for the Province. Mr. Bollan, who knows how to Value his Abilities, has some articles for extraordinary services, which in the Opinion of his friends are very High. In Mr. Mauduit’s Account the Charge for Poundage of Money received alone Amounts to 1500 pounds sterling for 3 years; which was said ^to be^ of itself a Sufficient reward for his services: however it was agreed to give 100 a year more by the name of Salary; & to assign the Amount of the Poundage as a reason why they gave him no greater Salary. In Mr. Bollan’s Accounts, It seemed to be uncontradicted that 300 a year should be Allowed for standing Salary, & the Extraordinary Articles only canvassed, when after a great deal of Squabbling, the Session growing very lengththy2, they referred the Consideration of these Accounts & all resolutions taken therein to the next House.3 At the same time they orderd that Mr. Mauduit should pay you 200 pounds to carry on the business of the province: this I rejected upon Account of the triflingness of the sum, Some members would have moved for enlarging the sum; but I desired that this business might stand over with the other to the new Assembly. Thus these Affairs were left & will not be brought on again ’till June next: in the meantime you may consider the Salary as not less than 300 pounds sterling, besides charges among which you may fairly reckon the third part of the Annual charge of keeping a Coach.4

    I have thought proper to add this to my former letters on the subject; as I have notice of a ship’s being ready to sail for Liverpool. Nevertheless I hope before this goes, to hear from you, as it is now near 6 months since I had the last letter from you. However I shall close this Assuring you that I am

    Sr. You are most faithfull &c

    R Jackson Esqr.


    I would not be understood to mean that your appointment may not be more than 300: Many persons are of opinion that it ought to be & will be greater. All I mean is that notwithstanding that frugality is the present humour, the Salary cannot be lower than 300. I have not mentioned your past services: but they also will be taken into consideration, at the Same time.

    L, LbC BP, 3: 283-284.