379 | To Richard Saltonstall

    Castle William Aug: 28. 1765


    His Majesty’s Council having advised me to raise a Company of men to consist of 60 men exclusive of Commission’d Officers, to reinforce the Garrison at Castle William, I am desirous of giving you the Command of such company, if you will accept the same. And knowing your Zeal for the Kings Service, & therefore not doubting but that you will readily accept of this Commission, I have dispatched Lieut: Miller with the necessary Powers for raising such Company.

    As this Company is designed to strengthen the Garrison of Castle William, in which the Stamped Paper belonging to his Majesty is to be deposited, in Order to secure it from many Persons who threaten to destroy the same; You will take especial Care that the Persons whom you shall enlist be not tinctured by the Seditious Spirit which unfortunately for this Province, prevails much in these Parts & is the Occasion of the present Orders. For which purpose I would not have you March the Men whom you shall enlist thro’ the Country, but to provide a Vessel at Ipswich or Salem to carry them directly to the Castle; & after such Vessel is ready, to march them without halting, except for refreshment, directly on board.

    Mr Miller  is to be your Lieutenant & will act under your Orders and when you have a party of recruits sufficient to send forward, you may put them under his Command; & follow them yourself with the remainder as soon as you can. I must recommend to you the utmost Expedition in this Service. You will be allowed all reasonable expences; Mr Miller will carry some money to begin with;1 As for advancing Money to recruits you must do it with caution, except to such as you can quite depend upon.

    I have nothing to add, but that I wish you Success, & shall remember your Service herein if you do it effectually. When I mention your embarking them at Salem or Ipswich, I have no Objection to your embarking them at Haverill; if the doubling Cape Ann will not add too much to the Expence of transporting them: otherwise it would be much best

    I am Sr

    R Saltonstal Esqr2

    L, LbC BP, 4: 67-68.