372 | To Thomas Bishop

    Castle William Aug: 22. 1765


    Yesterday His Majesty’s Council took into Consideration the necessity of making Provision for the reception & security of the Stamped Paper expected from London, Mr Oliver having declared that he should be unable to take the same into ^his^ Custody. When the Council advised that the Stamps designed for Castle William ^this Province^ should be deposited in Castle William; and in regard to the Stamps designed for any other Governments, they advised that, inasmuch as it will be necessary that such Stamps should be transmitted to the respective governments, I should desire you to take them on board your Ship for the Order of those to whom they are transported consigned.

    I am therefore to desire, that as soon as the Ship which brings the Stamps shall be brought under your Stern, you will Assist the Commanding Officer of the Castle in removing the Stamps designed for this Province Government into the Castle, & that you will take the Stamps designed for the other Governments on board your Ship. It is talked of in Town that Attempts will be made from thence to intercept the Ship before she enters the Harbour or to seize the Stamps by force as she comes in

      I am &c

    Tho Bishop Esqr Commander of his Majestys Ship Fortune

    L, LbC BP, 4: 61-62.