399 | To Richard Jackson

    Boston Sepr. 30th. 1765.

    Dear Sr.

    I have received your Letter of July 12th1 the seal of which I transmit as it came to me that you may see it has been opened by some one who is above making a secret of it: I don’t think it was done here or at New York. I have no time to answer this or your former as I would; as the ship which is to carry this will sail this morning. I send you my speech to the General Court, as it will show the miserable state we are like to be in & I have very little hope of Being able to prevent it. The House was by no means well disposed: there were wanting in it many of the most prudent & Weighty members[;]2 they were going to make an answer to my speech & make a positive declaration of their right to be exempt from parliamentary taxes.3 This would have made bad things worse: I therefore adjourned them suddenly to the 23 day of October 9 days before the 1st of Novr. This has been ^generally^ approved of as a very timely prevention of more mischief. It will afford time for the people to ^grow^ cool & give them time to consider my speech which is the only thing that has been published on that side of the question, & has been recd with great deferrence & attention. What will be the end of these disturbances I don’t know: but I shall leave nothing undone to engage the people to submit to the Act.

    I have just now wrote to Mr. Francklin of Halifax4 to desire him to forward the Grants as soon as maybe, having heard that there was an adventurer one Mr. M’nut laying out Land at Passimaquoddy.5 I have desired that provision may be made for 100 thousand Acres, as I depended upon receiving another warrant for 20 m.6 I must therefore desire you to get such a warrant & send it to me or to the Honble Michael Francklin Esqr. at Halifax as occasion shall be. The Capt of the ship has called upon me & there I must conclude.

    I am Dr. Sr. your most affect &c &c

    R. Jackson Esqr.

    L, LbC BP, 5: 8.