356 | To James Cockle

    Boston. May 18. 1765


    I take this oppertunity to acknowledge the receipt of yours of Jan 21, which together with it’s duplicate came to me on Ap 17.1 I cannot now inform you of the produce of the sale; nor can I acquaint you with the particulars of Mr. Temple’s charge against me, altho’ I have impatiently waited for Copies of it for above a month past; but the March packet is not come in. When I put in my answer, I shall insist upon your being personally examined; which will probably produce some ecclaircisements2 that may be of use. Altho’ You have lost your place, I would still have you persist decently in having your Vindication examined: I have done evrything towards it which I could; & since I recd yours I have wrote to Mr. Jackson your Subject, in a manner which I hope will have some effect.3 He has lately been chose Agent for this province. soon after you went, There were such disputes in the custom house that the Survr. Genl. & the Collector exchanged blows; and I was obliged to show employ the Sheriff to prevent a Duel. This is known at home & will I doubt not have good effects.4 As soon as your Sale5 is compleated I will write to you again: at present I am hard put to it to find time for this.

    I am Sr. your most faithfull servant

    James Cockle Esqr.

    L, LbC BP, 3: 291-292.