300 | To Archbishop Thomas Secker

    Boston Augst. 18th 1764

    My Lord

    Soon after the fire which consumed the College at Cambridge in this Province together with the Library & Philosophical Apparatus, I was requested by the President & fellows of that Society to solicite in England Benefactions for the restorations of the Library & Apparatus: & had particularly pointed out to me the Society for propagating the Gospel: whose beneficence the College, having before experienced flatters itself that in its present deplorable state It shall be now thought a proper object of. Having postponed this untill the time when my letters are like to arrive in London in the proper Season for business, I take the liberty to address your Grace not only as president of the Society, but also as presiding as well by your high Station as1 by your Abilities & Virtues, over universal Religion & Literature

    With the Library perished the Memorials of the benefactions to it: so that I cannot learn with any Certainty the list of the books which the College has received from the Society. But I suppose the Registers of the Society will Sufficiently evidence the particulars. Whatever the Society shall think proper to favor them with upon this occasion either by renewing the former benefactions or by altering them or adding to them as shall be thought propper,2 will be thankfully accepted. And the College will think it self highly honoured by your Graces patronage in whatever manner you shall think proper to exert it.

    For my own part I shall at all times be proud to receive Your Graces commands, either upon the business of the Society[,]3 of which I have the honour to be a Member, or for the Cause of religion in general, whose intrests I hope I shall allways do my utmost best to promote within my Government

    I am with all possible respect & Duty, My Lord, your Graces’ most obedient & most humble ser[vt]4

    His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury5

    L, LbC BP. 3: 247.