277 | To the Board of Trade

    Boston Ap 2 1764

    My Lords

    At their last Session the Assembly settled the Grants of the 6 Townships being the remainder of the 12 Townships on the East side of Penobscot originally voted together.1 The Reason why these grants come so late after the others is that the Survey returned to the general Court was so imperfect & unauthenticated, that I would not admit it; but obliged the Grantees to survey the land again by approved Surveyors: and the Plan has turned out very different from that given in at first. This present set of Towns together with the former set extends 54 miles of longitude East from Fort Pownall: So I shall think fit to stop here, & shall not consent to Any grants further Eastward, untill these Townships are settled & the Country about them a little more peopled. For this purpose The General Court has enabled me to order the Country 6 miles Northward to be surveyed all the length of the North or inland Line of these Townships. This Tract will make 8 Townships of 6 miles square, which, together with a spare Township markt VII in the plan, which is not granted, is kept to reward the Officers who served in the late War: and accordingly public Notice has been given for all such persons, who desire a grant of lands, to apply.2

    The general Court have also empowered me to have the Islands surveyed which lie opposite the shore of these Townships & are very numerous. They have also empowered me to fit out two parties of rangers with two surveyors to each to explore the Eastern Country & particularly the passages to Canada & those between the principal Rivers. I have now a party getting ready to go from Penobscot to Quebec, a journey never yet taken by Englishmen.3 As soon as I have dispatched these I shall send another party to survey the inland passages between the Rivers Penobscot St Croix & St Johns.4 Upon the whole There will be , 8 surveyors, employed at the Expence of this province in Surveying the Eastern Country this Summer. These Expenses, together with that of encreasing the Garrisons of Fort Halifax & Fort Pownall, to near double the former complements, have made the Assembly desire to be excused sending troops to the lakes: nevertheless, if they should be really wanted they will be readily granted. This Question will probably be determined by the time of the meeting of the New Assembly at the end of May next.

    I am with great respect, My Lords, Your Lordships most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    The Right Honble The Lords Commrs for Trade &c

    ALS, RC CO 5/891, ff 228-229.