333 | To Richard Jackson

    Boston Febry 6, 1765.

    Dear Sir

    About 10 days ago I dispatched a packet for you1 by the Snow Diana Grove Master2 bound for Bristol. This Ship is still detained in the port by the severe weather, which has froze up the Bay all around the Town. I therefore take the opportunity to add another letter upon the same subject as my last.

    I informed you there that your appointment as general Agent would not hinder the Lt Govr being sent home as a special Agent, when occasion should require. One Occasion is obvious; the Disputes concerning our Boundaries, particularly with Connecticut, against whom we cannot expect that you should act: and therefore it has been said in the late altercations, that in that Business, this province must appoint a special Agent, unless you would undertake the part of the Mediator, or unless some new Arrangements shall put an end to the question between the two provinces. If this, or any other Business should require a special Agent, the Lt Govr can obtain the Choice, if He is at Liberty to accept it. If He should decline it, the choice of such an Agent would probably fall upon a Gentleman of the other Side, who, tho’ he would not be thought so suitable by my friends, would not be so exceptionable as to be negatived by me. In which case a second hand Game may be plaid by the opposite party to retrieve their late defeat.

    I therefore could wish that you would immediately proceed to procure leave for the Lt Govr to go to London, if he should be desired by the genl Court to go thither as a special Agent from them. And probably it may be found necessary for you to talk with Lord Halifax upon this Subject: there is no one more capable to represent the rights, & intrests of the Province than he is: and tho’ an agent of this kind is generally thought a cause of danger to a Governor, yet for my own part I should think I had less to apprehend from him than from any other that is like to be sent from hence; as I think him to be a fair dealing Man & doubt not but that my candid proceedings with him would secure to me the like return. I mention this not as a jealousy of my own but of other people.

    If this leave can be procured, it should be dispatched with all possible expedition, that it may arrive here by the end of May, or at farthest before the middle of June, about which time I put an end to the Session. If Lord Halifax positively consents, send advice of that, tho’ you have not time to extract the Licence in form from the office. There are but 4 months now for this letter to go & the answer to return: send duplicates.

    About two years ago I offered my Service to the Ministry by private hands to come over & report my observations upon the political state of America, so far as my Circle of knowledge reached: and I really thought that I might have been made useful upon such an occasion.3 But as I never received any hint of such a Call being intended, I have long ago given over all thoughts of it. However if there is any probability of my having such a call, It must prevent the Lt Govr going over: for we cannot both be spared at a time. This is the Devil of a Constitution, when the Government falls to the Council, for then there are 15 persons required to evry [even?] the most minute Act of Government. Therefore if you think fit, you may mention this to Pownall.

    I am Dr Sr. &c.

    R Jackson, Esqr;

    L, LbC BP, 3: 274-275.