296 | Circular From the Earl of Halifax


    St James’s 11th. Augt. 1764


    The House of Commons having, in the last Session of Parliament, come to a Resolution, by which it is declared that, towards defraying the necessary Expences of defending protecting & securing the British Colonies & Plantations in America, it may be proper to charge certain Stamp Duties in the said Colonies & Plantations;1 It is His Majesty’s Pleasure, that you should transmit to me, without Delay, a List of all Instruments made Use of in publick Transactions, Law Proceedings, Grants, Conveyances, Securities of Land or Money, within Your Government, with proper & sufficient Descriptions of the same, in Order that if Parliament should think proper to pursue the Intention of the aforesaid Resolution, they may thereby be enabled to carry it into Execution, in the most effectual and least burthensome Manner.

    If you should be unable, of Yourself, to prepare a List of this Kind with sufficient Accuracy, You will in such Case require the Assistance of His Majesty’s Attorney General, or the Principal Law Officer of the Crown within Your Government, who are the proper Persons to be consulted, towards procuring the said Information in the Manner required.

    I am, with great Truth and Regard, Sir, Your most obedient humble Servant.

    Dunk Halifax

    Francis Bernard Esqr: Governor of the Massachusets Bay

    dupLS, RC BP, 10: 185-186.