261 | To Thomas Gage

    Boston Jan 15. 1764


    I have just received yours, inclosing one from the Secretary of state by which I am ordered to recommend to the Assembly to enable me to raise Men for the Indian War:1 This I shall do in a forcible manner. But I still apprehend that the late advices of a treaty of peace being opened at Detroit will put a stop to this business, unless that objection is obviated by a letter from you; which will be also necessary as the Secretary of state refers to your opinion of the necessity arising from the actual state of Indian War: and therefore a Letter from you on the subject of the Secretary of states letter will be expected, to inforce the latter. For it will be said, that the State of the Indian War is not the same now as it was when you wrote your first letter. However I shall proceed with what I have got as well as I can.

    I wrote to you last week inclosing the answer of the House to the requisition,2 by which the Business is kept open & the Committee still subsists. I have since received yours of the 1st of Janry, which I think to communicate to the Committee, as it may be of use.3 I have lately learned than [that] the Indians in the Eastern parts of our province are in Very good humour: I have taken great pains to make them so; but yet I shall trust them no more than I cant help.

    Another obstacle I expect, which I cant see how to get over. New York & New Jersey have refused to raise men for this Service till the New England Colonies do. New England will not think it her business to take the lead, when those Provinces who are nearest the danger decline it. Who shall adjust this Ceremonial?

    Some time ago I sent Genl Amherst4 a plan of the rout of a scouting party I sent to explore the Way to Canada by the River Kennebec: but this Scheme was defeated by the surveyor being accidentally killed the 12th day after they left Fort Halifax.5 Genl Amherst promised to send me Mr Montresors plan of his rout by the same river; but afterwards informing me that Mr Montresor6 was set out for the lakes, assured me I should have it soon after his return. If Mr Montresor has now leisure to send me a copy of this plan, I shall be obliged to him for it. I hope you will excuse my giving you this trouble, as I have no right to ask this favour of Mr Montresor but thro’ Genl Amherst’s successor.

    I am, with great regard, Sr Your most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra. Bernard

    His Excellency Majr Genl Gage7

    ALS, RC Gage.